Schematic Design

Every Design & Build adventure begins in the sketch-hand of our founder, Brock Spain. These initial marks are hand-drawn to scale and serve as the first interpretation of client goals, budgetary parameters and site analysis. Creative investigation is encouraged, and clients are asked to unload as much information about their future home as possible. Napkin sketches, Pinterest photos and magazine tags are all acceptable. More information results in a more detailed sketch. So go Wild! When your home is built, you can look fondly at this piece of artwork and reminisce about "where the story started".

Design Development

BKS Design & Build will use developing client ideas and criticisms to revise our sketches and begin work in the computer. We utilize the industries most current three-dimensional software to communicate ideas effectively. 3D allows us to build a home virtually before we build it actually, resolve structural design challenges, create client guided virtual tours and 3D print scale models that fit in your hand. The design should transform during this process as finer and finer details are tailored to individual client needs. Frequent communication is welcomed and encouraged.

Construction Documents

Creating the Construction Documents is transformative. We combine the Art of Design with the Science of Construction to professionally communicate, prepare, and maintain our clients ideas for construction.

Bidding + Negotiation

BKS works closely with a team of suppliers, retailers and sub-contractors to negotiate affordable pricing that matches your design ideas. Communication is encouraged and we will provide documentation of cost analysis frequently. Creative thought is still essential to our process and BKS will work to give you options.

Construction Management

BKS Design & Build, LLC is a Montana registered General Contracting company with extensive knowledge of the construction process throughout all stages. Our work has primarily included luxury commercial and high-end residential projects. Our duty as your General Contractor is to hire sub-contractors, prepare and manage project schedules and manage monthly billing. We utilize advancements in technology to keep our clients informed at all times. For example, the construction schedule is updated in real-time daily and can be viewed effortless via client mobile phones.

Craftsman Details

Craftsman details can make a custom home truly special. When desired, we will take our skill sets from the design table to the job site, where we take pleasure in crafting ideas for our clients. It is a hands-on approach to the building process that yields amazing results.

New Home

The process outlined above simplifies a complicated industry by insuring that clients' dreams transition from design through construction without losing "the vision". As the keepers of "the vision" we are privileged to share in a story that ultimately leads to move-in day. One of the ways that we have tried to respect our storytelling roots is by cataloging photos and updates to the project section of this website. Each photo is a snapshot in time documenting an event during construction or updating family members of the progress. At BKS, we are devoted to our clients and we strive to celebrate and problem solve with grace. Ultimately, the goal is to pop the champagne, gift the flowers and hand over the keys so that our customers can really start living.

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