A true Montana

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is pioneering a new frontier that combines the Art of Architecture & the Science of Construction into one service.

We are proudly Mountain Made & Montana Born. The BKS headquarters is located at the foothills of the Bridger Mountains in beautiful Bozeman, MT.

At BKS we are on a journey to create and construct unique custom projects. We are all committed to starting this adventure strong and reaching the final destination.

Our Projects

At our office, we are on a journey to create and construct unique custom projects for our valued customers. Whether we are sketching a home or building a fireplace, each project is different because no two clients are the same. We think this is the beauty of our work and we take pride in the stories we share with our customers. Let us tell you a story or two below...

Thoughtful Architecture

BKS Design & Build is a collaborative team of Montana Architects & Craftsman working to create thoughtfully designed Architecture from start to finish. We have structured our company so that our customers are downloading their design ideas to their Builder, while they are entrusting their projects budget to their Architect.

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Kind Words

  • I've worked with BKS Design & Build on many projects over the last 3 years. They are very talented and demand nothing but the highest standards. It's truly amazing to see the products that come from months, and sometimes years of labor. If you're are planning on building a custom home, look no further.

    Niveus Productions
  • I am a subcontractor for BKS as their drywall finisher. After two decades of working within the construction trade, I can say, his houses are truly beautiful pieces of art. I even had BKS design my own home. His immaculate attention to detail not only helps me do my job to the highest standard, it is also what led me to using BKS with my own family’s home.

    Hollowtop Drywall
  • We love the house! It's breathtaking! We're grateful to be able to call ourselves the owners.

    Sunny-Side Farmhouse
  • We used BKS for the design and build of our dream home and we are beyond thrilled with the outcome! Brock's ability to visualize and take our ideas to paper were spot-on. The craftsmanship and professionalism at BKS were impressive and we would highly recommend them to our family and friends.

    Wilson Creek Barn
  • Brock Spain is one of the most talented and creative people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. From the beginning of our project, we have been blown away by his incredible talent and ability to bring our dreams to life. Each day, Brock reminds us of why we chose him to design and build our home. As first time home builders, we were unsure of the process, but Brock has been right by our side each step of the way. Not only is he designing the home of our dreams, but he is also giving us a well built home for us to grow into. You have many choices when it comes to building your home and we recommend Brock wholeheartedly!!

    Dry Creek Ranch
  • We’re getting more and more excited the further along our house gets!! Thanks again BKS Design & Build for all of your hard work, we appreciate you SO much! If you’re looking for an architect and builder, don’t look any further than BKS Design & Build, what Brock Spain does is phenomenal!

    Big Bear Crossing
  • Pretty special to have an amazing visionary, designer, builder and now friend to create this amazing structure we now call home!!! He masterfully took our ideas of what we were looking for in a home and went above and beyond to make sure the experience and final product was everything we were looking for. Brock Spain, my family and I can not express to you how much we love and enjoy your work of art!!! I would recommend BKS Design & Build to anyone!!!

    The Farmhouse
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